Ines is an absolutely wonderful, caring and supportive doula. She was an integral part of our entire birthing experience from prenatal to postpartum – I don’t know what my husband and I would’ve done without her!
While I was pregnant Ines answered every question and concern with helpful info and always provided reading material for us to learn more.  She gave us the confidence that we got this! 

Once I went into labor she was the calm light we needed during an unexpectedly difficult birthing experience. She stayed with us for a full 24 hours until my son was born safely – she wouldn’t leave until she met him! Ines helped to explain everything happening at the hospital so we could make informed decisions and made sure I was always comfortable both physically and mentally. 
It’s obvious that Ines loves her work. Her passion is contagious and we will always appreciate the support she gave us – we are forever grateful!

– Samantha Ray
Oct, 2021

Ines is an amazing doula! She provided us with the most helpful information like pre-labor exercises, tips for the support person, a visual of the labor process, templates for a birth plan, etc.
She made my delivery experience a lot more endurable and helped me get through it without any medication just by offering great advice, mental and physical support. I can’t imagine going through my birth without her.
She is very knowledgeable, compassionate, open minded, kind, and helpful. Definitely recommend reaching out to her if you are considering hiring a doula for your birth!

– Laura Carreno
Oct, 2021

There are no words to describe how much my partner and I appreciated having Ines at our birth. From the very beginning she was hands on. She walked into that hospital room and immediately got to work. She knew exactly what the Midwives and Doctors were going to do before they did it. Her knowledge was comforting and helped us make informed decisions about our own birth. 
Our birth took many twists and turns and Ines knew how to handle each one. She was calm and brought a vibrant energy to the room. After 3 long days my labor stalled and resulted in an emergency cesarean and Ines WAS STILL THERE. She waited for me in the recovery room, fed me ice chips, and waited until my anasthesia wore off before heading out. 
More than a doula, Ines was truly a support person. Without her, I genuinely do not know how I would’ve handeld the ebbs and flows of labor and delivery. 

– Kayla M.
April, 2021

Ines is a gift from god. Our experience felt more like a movie script. We have decided at the beginning of pregnancy to have a doula for support during the third trimester and labor. Our heard and minds were determined to have a natural birth, add a spiritual element, and also have someone in the labor room on our side to pursue our intentions.
We got blessed that helped us found our perfect match. And like a miracle, Ines has arrived in our lives. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in the first place and to share our sacred moment with someone strange. Over the phone, all it took was 60 seconds to realized that Ines was the one, we instantly knew that she was destined to be part of our birth story. 
During over 30 hours of labor, Ines has guided both of us while the entire hospital staff was mesmerized with her skills, warmth, and manners. From acupressure point to energy work, she was hands-on for all 1000 contractions to help us deliver beautiful and healthy girl Kaia.
Ines worked beautifully along with the hospital staff to keep us comfortable and informed. Ines’s childbirth educator background helped us to make informed decisions. We are happy to have her in our lives. During postpartum, Ines taught us many skills for new parents. This lady is a must-have to help you obtain a better birth experience. 

-Paula & Ljubo Kovacevic
October, 2020

Having known Ines for well over 3 years prior to our birthing experience, I had no idea the role she’d play during my first childbirth experience. We had a feeling my daughter would come early. Ines had made herself available to me throughout my entire pregnancy, and I felt comfortable knowing I had her support. She was one of the first to know! Something inside of me has always felt at peace whenever she’s near me, and I feel comfortable with her in any setting! She just brings that out of you, so caring, so sweet. As time went on my belly grew, and oh did I say we grew?! 🙂 Finally, the day came! I remember having contractions and not being able to retain my urine, and I call Ines. I am very silly.. she knows this. She asks me the usual questions, and of course, I have no idea about what the mucous plug is supposed to look like, etc. The day went on and on, I kept her updated. My contractions grew closer, and I continued to go about my day. She told me to make sure I ate because she had a strong feeling I’d have to go to the hospital tonight or by the morning to give birth. By 1 am we went to the hospital and within 45 mins later she was there. We prayed. She massaged me. We did COUNTLESS, I mean COUNTLESS COMFORTING positions, tried everything. Ines, you’re an angel. I made it to 7.5cm dilated without an epidural! That day she was my coach, my angel, my comforter, my rock, aiding my husband and me. It is a day that I will never forget! She marked my life and my daughter’s life forever. As I write this a tear falls down my cheek, just recalling those wonderful, glorious child birthing hours while she was right by my side. She did anything, everything possible & I thank God for him placing me in Ines’s hands. After 14.5 hours we delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl. I am forever grateful for the most beautiful childbirth memory. I told her to get ready because in 3 years – I’ll be needing her again, haha! We love you, Ines.

– Crystal, Rashad, & Reina

August, 2019

Thank you for everything! My wife was the one who insisted getting a doula, but now I am grateful she did because you really gave us the support we needed! All the best to you and your family and we will definitely recommend you to friends and reach out if we need any help down the road. 
– Grigor 
July, 2019

Our baby was born and we went into labor on my due date. I had a really positive labor experience thanks to your education of labor and childbirth! Thank you so much for everything you taught us during your March/April childbirth class.

– Sarah
May, 2019 

Ines was our childbirth class instructor and we jumped at the chance to have her as our doula. She was absolutely crucial to making my labor and delivery as comfortable as possible for me. She was so well prepared, with essential oils for massage, with lollipops, walking me up and down the hallway of the maternity ward and suggesting new positions for me to try in the quest for comfort. I told my husband after our daughter was born that I might not be able to go through childbirth again without Ines.


January, 2019